Arturo Álvarez, 46 years old, an Asturian Basketball Coach with extensive experience in professional basketball nationally and internationally, comes to the network.

Actually General Manager of CoachArturo Sports Academy (Spain), the last season 2021/22, Arturo was coaching Melilla Sport Capital (LEB Gold Spain) until march. In the 2020/21 Coaching Destino Palencia (LEB Gold Spain), winning Castilla Leon LEB Gold 2020 Cup and playing promotion Liga ACB group 2021, after 2018/19 season, leading the historic and champion SL Benfica (Portugal), with which he will play the FIBA Europe Cup, after having been chosen as the LEB Oro’s revelation Coach of the Year, after an extraordinary season leading CB Prat, he has been coaching in the Brazilian first division NBB, commanding the historical teams of Palmeiras and Unitri Uberlandia, in addition to having served as National Team Head Coach of Paraguay during the 2010, 2011 and 2012 seasons, also training in the highest categories of Spanish basketball: ACB, LEB Gold, EBA, Women’s League and Women’s League 2.

Arturo was the first Absolute Coach of the Principality of Asturias together with the Spaniard Joaquín Prado.

Arturo Álvarez is the only coach in the world that has qualified for a pre-Olympic FIBA, Torneo de las Americas, to the absolute selections of men and women of the same country in the same year, Paraguay, in the year 2010.

He has also been a GM in ACB, LEB Oro, LF, LF2 and EBA.

He has been PRESIDENT and founder of the BVM2012, Basketball team of his city, Mieres (Asturias).

He was the Technical Director of the Campus «José Manuel Calderón» (NBA) during the years 2006 and 2007, as well as Director of Campus Playmaker Sarunas Jasikevicius (NBA) in the year 2017 and 2018.

He is a professor of Physical Education at the University of Oviedo (Spain), and holds the title of FIBA Coach since 2010.


2022/23 CoachArturo Sports Academy. General Manager. Spain

2021/22 Melilla Sport Capital (LEB ORO) Spain

2020/21 Destino Palencia Basket (LEB ORO) Spain

2018/19 Benfica Europe Cup (Portugal)

2017/18 CB Prat LEB Oro (Spain)

2016/17 Araberri Basket Club LEB Gold (Spain)

2015/16 BVM2012 EBA  (Spain)

2014/15 Unitri Uberlandia NBB (Brazil Top League)

2013/14 BVM2012   (Spain)

2012/13 Palmeiras NBB (Brazil Top League)

2010/11 FC Barreirense LNP (Portugal Top League)

2009/10  Meridiano Alicante ACB (Spain Top League)

2008/09 Bruesa GBC ACB (Spain Top League)

2007/08 Bruesa GBC LEB Gold

2006/07 Etosa Alicante ACB (Spain Top League)

2005/06 Alerta Cantabria Lobos LEB Gold


2012 Paraguay NT Head Coach. FIBA  Southamerican Championship. Resistencia (Argentina) 2012.

2012 Paraguay NT Head Coach U-15. FIBA Southamerican Championship. Punta del Este (Uruguay) 2012.

2011 Paraguay NT Head Coach. FIBA America Tournament. Preolímpic Mar del Plata (Argentina) 2011.

2011 Paraguay NT Head Coach U-17­ Southamerican Championship. Cúcuta (Colombia) 2011.

2010 Paraguay NT Head Coach  Male. Southamerican Championshipo 2010. Neiva (Colombia).

2010 Paraguay NT Head Coach Female. Southamerican Championship 2010. Santiago (Chile).

2009 Principado de Asturias NT Head Coach.

 2001/02 Principado de Asturias NT Head Coach U-15.

2000/01 Principado de Asturias NT Head Coach U-13.

1999/00 Principado de Asturias NT Assistant Coach U-13.