14650137_1336963572989466_4669542542421423962_nArturo Alvarez is one of the best young talented basketball coaches of the moment.

Head Coach of CB Prat (LEB Oro/Spain) during 2017/18 season, he coached two of the most important teams of South America the last seasons, Palmeiras and Unitri Uberlandia (NBB Brazilian Top League). He took FC Barreirense (LPB/Portugal Top League) during the 2010/11 season.

He has been coaching Paraguay NT during the last years getting the best history results of the country, including Preolímpic Tournament in Mar del Plata (Argentina) 2011. During 2010, he gets the pass to the Preolímpic FIBA Championship with male and female Paraguay National Teams, making history and being the only one coach that did it the last season.

He got the first victory of Paraguay vs. Brazil after 50 years and vs. Argentina 48 years later than the last time.

He was the assistant coach of the Real Madrid Head Coach, Pablo Laso, during three season in GBC Lagun Aro (ACB League) and Lobos Cantabria (LEB Gold League).

The Spanish coach is FIBA certified  coach from 2010 and was a member of the best European leagues during many years.

Physical Education Teacher too, he has been coaching in the best Spanish male league ACB, the best Spanish female league LF, the best Portuguese basketball league LPB, the best Brazilian league NBB, and many others leagues LF2, LEB gold…etc.

Arturo Alvarez was the Director of “Jose Manuel Calderon (Toronto Raptors player) NBA Summer Camp” during 2006 and 2007 and “Sarunas Jasikevicus Camp” 2017 and 2018.



2017/18 CB Prat LEB Oro (Spain)

2016/17 Araberri Basket Club LEB Gold (Spain)

2015/16 BVM2012 EBA  (Spain)

2014/15 Unitri Uberlandia NBB (Brazil Top League)

2013/14 BVM2012   (Spain)

2012/13 Palmeiras NBB (Brazil Top League)

2010/11 FC Barreirense LNP (Portugal Top League)

2009/10  Meridiano Alicante ACB (Spain Top League)

2008/09 Bruesa GBC ACB (Spain Top League)

2007/08 Bruesa GBC LEB Gold

2006/07 Etosa Alicante ACB (Spain Top League)

2005/06 Alerta Cantabria Lobos LEB Gold


2012 Paraguay NT Head Coach. FIBA  Southamerican Championship. Resistencia (Argentina) 2012.

2012 Paraguay NT Head Coach U-15. FIBA Southamerican Championship. Punta del Este (Uruguay) 2012.

2011 Paraguay NT Head Coach. FIBA America Tournament. Preolímpic Mar del Plata (Argentina) 2011.

2011 Paraguay NT Head Coach U-17­ Southamerican Championship. Cúcuta (Colombia) 2011.

2010 Paraguay NT Head Coach  Male. Southamerican Championshipo 2010. Neiva (Colombia).

2010 Paraguay NT Head Coach Female. Southamerican Championship 2010. Santiago (Chile).

2009 Principado de Asturias NT Head Coach.

 2001/02 Principado de Asturias NT Head Coach U-15.

2000/01 Principado de Asturias NT Head Coach U-13.

1999/00 Principado de Asturias NT Assistant Coach U-13.